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Historical Timeline

2001: incorporated as Savanna Energy Services Corp. March 22.

March—Great Plains Well Servicing incorporated with 12 units

July—Trailblazer Drilling incorporated with units in development

July—Ultraline Wireline incorporated with 16 units

Savanna acquires Combined Services well servicing

Raised $42 million in largest private placement of its kind in the energy service sector to date

Savanna has four employees

November—E-Tronics Inc., an energy technology company, purchases Lakota Drilling and two drilling rigs

2002: Savanna spends $52 million dollars on cap ex

Savanna spends 2002 building capital and preparing the company to go public

Savanna begins running their Hybrid rig, a unit combining coil tubing with conventional pipe to offer two drilling capabilities in one.

January—E-Tronics Inc. (Lakota Drilling) secures four year drilling contract for a third rig

April— Lakota Drilling establishes first of what eventually becomes an award winning Aboriginal partnership model with the Dene Tha’ with a 50/50 structured, two rig agreement

May—E-Tronics enters into a drilling rig operating arrangement with Metis Nation of Alberta

June—E-Tronics enters into a drilling rig operating arrangement with Saddle Lake First Nation

October—E-Tronics changes its name to Western Lakota Energy Services and operates a total of five drilling rigs, all in partnership with First Nations

Western Lakota Energy Services begins trading on the TSX with the symbol WLE

2003: SVY begins trading on the TSX

March—Western Lakota begins construction of sixth rig

August—Savanna shares close on the TSX at $5.40

September—Western Lakota announces it will have 13 drilling rigs in operation by year end 2003

Savanna has a total of 16 well services units, six coil tubing drilling rigs, and 22 wireline units

Savanna adds six more drilling rigs to the fleet throughout the year

Savanna exits 2003 with 10 drilling rigs but plans to double fleet by year end 2004

Savanna shares close on December 31, 2003 at $9.75

2004: Savanna continues to expand fleet in the face of improving commodities markets

May—Western Lakota announces construction of 14th double drilling rig

June—Western Lakota announces partner agreement with Blood Tribe

Over the entire year, twelve new drilling rigs, six wireline units, and two well servicing rigs were added to Savanna’s fleet

December—Savanna initiates construction of four new drilling rigs and one wireline unit

2005: Hybrid rig patented in Canada and the United States

February—Canadian patent of Hybrid rig granted

Savanna now has approximately 1000 employees

April—Western Lakota announces acquisition of Hemsing Drilling Ltd. and six more double drilling rigs, growing its fleet of doubles to 30 by year end 2005

May—Western Lakota Energy Services begins trading on the TSX as the symbol WLE

June—Western Lakota acquires four pre-set/casing rigs from Becker Drilling

December—US patent of Hybrid rig granted

Savanna sets an industry record for wells drilled and meters drilled

2006: Savanna merges with Western Lakota to expand depth rating and increase fleet size

Savanna acquires Akuna Drilling, Command Coil and Lakota Drilling in merger

August—Alexander First Nation becomes partner in the ownership of a 3,600m tele-double drilling rig

December—Lakota Drilling forms partnerships with Heart Lake First Nation and Cold Lake First Nation

Western Lakota announces two year contract for drilling in West Texas and begins construction of two additional 3,600m telescopic doubles to operate in the Permian basin

Trailblazer Drilling deploys two CT-2200 Hybrid rigs to Weatherford, TX

Western Lakota deploys two telescopic doubles to Odessa, TX and opens field office

2007: Savanna pays first quarterly dividend

March—Savanna declares dividend payment of $0.025 (Cdn) for shareholders

Ultraline wireline is sold to Halliburton for $208 million in cash

Savanna acquires Accell Well Services, Bear Steam, Northern Nakota Well Servicing, and Laredo Well Servicing

November—Sturgeon Lake First Nation becomes a new partner with Lakota Drilling in the ownership of a telescopic double drilling rig

December—Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation becomes a partner in ownership of service rigs

2008: Savanna opens headquarters in Houston, Texas

January—Cold Lake First Nation adds a service rig to existing partnership

February—Western Lakota achieves Gold Level status in the Progressive Aboriginal Business (PAR) program presented by the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business—the first oilfield services entity to do so

April—Savanna opens headquarters in Houston, TX

May—Savanna opens a well servicing office in Dickinson, ND

June—Savanna acquires Greystone Drilling out of the United States

July—Accell Well Servicing, Great Plains Well Servicing, and Command Coil become Savanna Well Servicing

Sept—Savanna acquires D&D Oilfield Rentals and Cantool Industries

2009: Savanna begins operations internationally with four rigs placed in Mexico

Savanna combines Lakota Drilling, Trailblazer Drilling, and Akuna Drilling into Savanna Drilling

May—Savanna elects new Board of Directors

June—Savanna closes $126.8 million bought deal financing

June—Savanna enters Mexico drilling market

November—former Savanna board member Victor Buffalo receives the Order of Canada

December—Savanna announces entrance into Australian market

2010: Savanna delivers two workover rigs to Australia

May—Savanna completes vision and values with 33 participating managers and prepares to present to the rest of employee base

September—Savanna officially removes remaining two drilling units from Mexico

October—in advance of its 10th Anniversary, Savanna launches a new logo and set of graphic standards. The new globe logo signifies Savanna’s entrance into international markets

November—Savanna announces the launch of its revised Aboriginal Training Program and its Immigrant Training Program. The Immigrant Training Program is run in partnership with the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society and is the first privately funded initiative of its kind in Canada

2011: Savanna converts hybrid rigs to create deeper drilling fleet

Savanna begins the conversion of several hybrid CT1500 rigs to the TDS-3000 long-reach horizontal configuration

March—Savanna celebrates its 10th anniversary

June—Savanna acquires Performance Well Servicing

July—Savanna acquires Silverstar Well Servicing

August—Added two new long-reach horizontal double drilling rigs with walking technology to our US fleet (Rigs 654E and 655E)

Savanna Training Centre develops and begins running Motorhand Training Course

October—Savanna's hybrid and conventional divisions begin collaborations to integrate and create a single operations entity for Savanna Drilling

2012: Savanna Completes TDS conversion program

February—Two more CT1500 rigs land in Australia, specially adapted to meet country regulations

Five more TDS-3000™ rigs to be converted bringing the total to fifteen

Savanna Training Centre delivers first Green Hand Training Course for Savanna Well Servicing

March—Savanna reinstates dividend for shareholders

Savanna Drilling Integration fully completed, combining hybrid and conventional divisions into one operating unit

November—Savanna's wholly-owned subsidiary, D&D Oilfield Rentals Corp. acquires all of the assets of a private Canadian oilfield service company which includes over 200 pieces of rental equipment

December—Savanna completes TDS-3000™ retrofite program and outlines 2013 Capital Program with four new drilling rig designs to be built in 2013

Savanna Training Centre beings running Green Hand Training Course for Savanna Drilling

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