Why Work at Savanna?

Our People – join hard-working, smart people who enjoy working in teams to get things done.

Innovation – we recognize people who come up with ideas and solutions to make our business better.

Advancement – if you are talented and hard-working, there are always opportunities to learn, to try new things and to advance.

Culture – An entrepreneurial mindset is encouraged from employees where we make decisions quickly and safely and always in the best interest of the company.

Iron Integrity

Iron Integrity means strength in one’s convictions. Iron is a symbol of strength and resilience, and also makes up the rigs and equipment our men and women work on each day. Integrity is our first value, and we strive to always do the right thing, even when it’s not easy. Together, these two words represent the kind of people who work at Savanna, and the kind of people we want working for Savanna.

Do you have Iron Integrity?

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A Rewarding Career at Savanna Energy Services



Savanna Energy Services Corp.
Savanna Group of Companies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Total Energy Services Inc.
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