Savanna is setting the path for others to follow by “Defining leadership in energy services through people, innovation and technology.”


Savanna’s people set us apart from our competitors as professionals focused on continuously learning and improving our services for our customers.

Savanna is focused on eliminating injuries from the workplace. Ensuring our crews can work over half-a-million manhours per year in a challenging environment safely is a task that everyone at Savanna takes seriously. All of us at Savanna work hard to make safety the most important thing we do every day.


First to launch Hybrid drilling, first to provide a complete PLC driven fleet, first to implement functional pipe arm, first to operate our proprietary rod runner, etc.

Savanna’s proprietary software solutions provide customers access to data and reports that enable our customers to work with us to continuously improve service delivery.

Savanna challenges the status quo….


Savanna’s fleet of hybrid coil tubing rigs, smart service rigs, ultra-light rigs and heavy multi-service workover rigs are more efficient and safe than any other rig design available. All our rigs incorporate smart technologies using programmable logic controls and proprietary technologies to achieve exceptional performance. All our rigs are fast moving with minimal disturbance and are perfect to meet the challenges of the Australian oil and gas market.

Savanna’s advanced rig support facility in Toowoomba staffed with experts in programmable logic, hydraulics, electrical, welding and mechanics. Savanna’s shop is equipped with the tools to perform and track the most demanding rig services.

Savanna Energy Services Corp.
Savanna Group of Companies is a wholly owned subsidiary of Total Energy Services Inc.
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