We can do it all!  Savanna Drilling offers an extensive fleet of modern drilling rigs and experienced personnel. From our extremely efficient and quick moving Hybrid and Top Drive Single (TDS) rigs to our Heavy and Ultra Heavy Doubles capable of drilling over 6000m (18,000ft) right up to our 1500HP Velox Triple rig platform with ratings of up to 750,000-pound hook loads, our fleet is capable of drilling virtually any onshore oil and natural gas well in the world safely and cost effectively.  Savanna Drilling has operational bases in Canada, the United States, and Australia.


Savanna Drilling Canada has the equipment and crews to deliver efficient and safe results in all major plays across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  We offer hybrids, top drive singles and heavy to ultra-heavy double long-reach drilling rigs.  Our Canadian drilling fleet is the third largest in Canada and utilizes a range of modern rigs to cater to almost every well formation and depth, with an emphasis on mobility and rapid rig up and rig out times across all rig types.

Our Canadian operations are based in Leduc, Alberta.

Savanna’s Canadian drilling fleet:

• CT-1500 Hybrid rigs
• Top Drive Singles: both TDS-2200 and TDS-3000™
• Heavy and Ultra-heavy Telescopic Doubles

Contact Savanna Drilling Canada by email (SDCA-sales@savannadrilling.com) or by phone at (403) 503-9990.


Through performance and technology, Savanna is established as a premier driller in the West Texas Permian and the Colorado DJ basins.  Our reputation in the industry is due to delivering safe, efficient operations and innovative solutions to specific drilling challenges in the USA.  Our 1500HP Velox Triple rigs offer a truly crane-less rig-up, whereas our heavy and ultra-heavy telescopic doubles offer a faster and more efficient alternative to conventional triples for extended reach horizontal and directional wells.

Our US Operations are based in Odessa, Texas.

Savanna’s US drilling fleet:

• VELOX™ triples
• Heavy and Ultra-heavy Telescopic Doubles

Contact Savanna Drilling USA by email (SDUS-info@savannadrilling.com) or by phone at (432) 614-1055.



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