Are you ready for rig life?

Life on a drilling or well servicing rig isn’t for everyone. Make sure a rig career is the right fit for you by taking our rig life quiz! Give honest answers and we’ll give you more information about what it takes to work in the oil patch.

The Basics

I am at least 18 years old
Good start!
You must be an adult to work on a drilling or well servicing rig
I am legally eligible to work in either Canada, the US, or Australia (countries where Savanna operates)
Great! You can apply to work in any country where you are legally entitled.
You must be legally eligible to apply and work in one of our countries of operation. Unfortunately, Savanna cannot assist with Visa applications.

The Physical

I am fit for work
Good to hear! As part of our pre-employment process, employee in safety sensitive positions must pass a physical and go through drug and alcohol testing. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted on rig locations.
Rig work is physically demanding and you’ll need to be prepared for that. All emplyees must be fit for work and free from impairment when they alive at the rig.
I am mechanically inclined and I am comfortable using tools
Nice! Rig work is hands-on and mechanical skills are very useful.
Don’t worry, Savanna’s rig crews are good trainers and will help you learn the skills and knowledge you need.
I prefer to work outside, regardless of the weather condition
Working outdoors can be challenging but satisfying. If you have experience working in extreme hot or cold weather conditions, be sure to mention it in your application.
Rig hands must be willing to work in extreme weather conditions. This may involve blistering heat (100°F in west Texas or 35°C in Australia) or freezing cold (-30°C in Canada).
I don’t mind getting dirty
Good, because you’re going to!
Getting dirty is an inherent part of the job. You may not get dirty every day, but it’s something you’ll need to get used to.
I can lift heavy loads (up to 50lbs)
Be prepared, rig work tests your whole body strength. It will definitely help keep you in good shape!
Rig hands are constantly lifting and moving loads. You can condition your body over time, but you should consider improving your physical fitness before applying.
I can work 12 hour shifts
Impressive! Don’t forget to talk about your experience in your application.
You’ll need to be physically and mentally prepared to work long shifts. Consider improving your fitness before applying.

The Mental

I am comfortable working away from home for 2-4 weeks at a time in remote locations
Your schedule will depend on the country and the rig. Rigs can work 14 days or more, then have a break. Some service rigs work similar schedules, while some work Monday to Friday. You may be close enough to drive home, or you might be required to stay in a local hotel or camp.
If this could be a challenge for you or your family, you might want to reconsider a rig career. That said, Savanna does strive to hire local hands and there may be opportunities close to where you live. Contact us to learn more.
I am good at following instructions
This is important. Following instructions will help you develop your skills and move up. Most importantly, it will keep you and the crew safe.
It’s important that you are able to follow instructions or you may risk your safety, or the safety of the crew. That is not an option. This is a skill you will need to develop.
I can work as part of a team
This is an important part of ensuring an efficient, safe work environment.
Working as a team is crucial to getting the job done safely and efficiently. If you prefer to work alone, you may want to reconsider whether a rig career is for you.
I am safety conscious and willing to follow Savanna’s policies and procedures
At Savanna, HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) is a priority. We do not take shortcuts to save time or money. Savanna looks to employees for feedback on how to improve our safety procedures.
HSE Policies and procedures ensure that operations are performed safely. Savanna will not intentionally hire anyone that may risk the safety of our people.
I know how to budget my money in the event the rig experiences any downtime.
Great! You'll need those skills in case your rig experiences any downtime.
When your rig has lots of work, it’s easy to accrue a large sum in your bank account. Sometimes work will slow down. (In Canada, this always happens during break up season.) If you learn how to budget you can set aside the funds you need to get through those times.

The Certificates

I have a valid driver’s licence and reliable transportation
You'll need to make your way to a Savanna field office for your orientation, and or travel to the rig location each day. If you also have your Class 1 or 3 or air brakes license, that is especially useful.
A valid driver’s license is a vital step. You will need a vehicle to get to your orientation at the field office, and to reach the rig location. You will eventually need to learn how to drive and operate heavy equipment.
I have a valid First Aid training certificate (standard)
Good to hear! It's important to be prepared and understand what to do.
Standard First Aid training may be required before you can work on the rig. (Note: not a necessity in Australia - if you have one, great)
I have a valid H2S Alive certificate (Note: not required in Australia so if you are in Australia, click yes)
H2S is Hydrogen Sulfide, a toxic gas that collects in underground pockets. If you are applying in Australia, no worries, there is no H2S Down Under! If you are applying in Canada, you must have this training before you apply. If you are applying in the US, it’s definitely an advantage to have it.

Congratulations, you have all the key characteristics to work on a rig!

Take a closer look at the explanations to your answers and see if there are any areas where you can improve. Once you're ready, refer to Apply Canada, Apply USA and Apply Australia.

Please keep in mind that we hire based on experience and demand. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to all applicants. If a position is available and you have the necessary skills, one of our recruiters will contact you for an interview.

Sorry, it doesn't look like you're ready for rig life. Consider reading through the explanations where you answered no and work to improve in those areas. You may also want to consider applying for an office position.
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