Welcome to Savanna’s online onboarding portal! 

In order to start work you must fill out the forms below and return them to your Crew Coordinator. 

Please review the  documents section which will give more information about payroll, benefits and Savanna’s policies.


You are required to complete these forms to begin work.

Employee Stock Savings Plan Enclosed you will find the paper enrollment form to register for this plan. Please complete these forms, return them to your crew coordinator and mail the originals to the Savanna Benefits team. Participation in this plan is optional.

For online enrollment into the Employee Stock Savings Plan, please refer to the instructions set out here: Sun Life – How to Enroll in the Plan

Common Safety Orientation (CSO) Click this link to complete the CSO online safety orientation program through Energy Safety Canada which is the standard general safety orientation for all workers in the petroleum industry.


No need to print these or send to your Crew Coordinator, you can come back to see them anytime.

Total Corporate Policies

Savanna Policies

Employee Referral Program

Do you have someone that you would like to refer to join Savanna? 

Savanna Well Servicing has a referral program for our rig crews. If you refer an experienced Floorhand or Derrickhand you can earn up to $2,000* (subject to the terms & conditions of the program).

  • Referrals must be sent to your Crew Coordinator
  • Referrals must satisfy all pre-employment requirements
  • Referred employees must work 500 hours to qualify
  • Hot job referrals must have 6 months or more work experience*

Go to this link if you would like to complete an Employee Referral Program Form.

You can also contact your Crew Coordinator for more information.


Do you have questions? You may contact the following…

Payroll Inquiries: SWSCA-Payroll@savannawellservicing.com

Benefits Inquiries: Benefits@SavannaEnergy.Com

Human Resources Inquiries: SWSCA-HumanResources@savannawellservicing.com


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